Oghash gra-Magul
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Cheydinal Citizens, Cheydinal Orum's gang



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Oghash gra-Magul is and Orc Rogue living in Cheydinhal .

She is a member of Dulfish gro-Orum skooma ring. Her role is to run the skooma to the Camonna Tong and return with the profits to Dulfish.

Oghash mainly lives an ordinary life except for Tirdas in which she awakes at 6am and sets of to the Imperial City. The journey takes most of the day and she usually arrives at 8am. She then ventures to the Waterfront District and mounts the gang's paint horse and rides to the main part of the district. Once she arrives at the residental area she searches for Skooma. She does this the next day. On Fredas she leaves Cheydinhal and heads to Walker Camp. Once there, she gives all her Skooma to the Camonna Tong in exchange for all their gold. At 10pm she gives all of that gold to Dulfish and repeats the entire operation on Tirdas.

The members of the Orum Gang other than Borba are all quite rude and unapproachable. Oghash is no exception. When you engage in conversation with her, she will simply say: "Yeah? You're who? And why do I care, exactly? Yeah. I don't need you. So go away, huh? I'm asking real nice, because my mom brought me up right." When asked about Cheydinhal she will reject you with the words:"What are you asking me for? Do I look like Vile's dog or something? Go on. Knit a doily or play a flute or something."


Oghasha is the only gang member to actually do anything.

Oghasha owns another horse in Brindle Home which may be a mistake made by developers.


The thug gives Oghasha all his gold for her Skooma even though he should give the amount equivalent to the Skooma.

When giving gold to Dulfish she is supposed to retain 100 gold yet she does not.